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    hey from Oklahoma!


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    hey from Oklahoma!

    Post by snookemz on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:01 pm

    Hey guys! I'm Emmaleigh and I'm living in the Tulsa area for another few weeks, then back to Oklahoma City - where I can find more fish keepers to hang with!!!
    I keep a 30gallon of guppies, mollies, and platies - all of which are currently pregnant or giving birth (of course!) and my one special fish - Pirate, my one eyed juvenille red wag platy <3 she rocks! I also currently have some guests, a trio of tertas, a giant bn pleco and a HUGE red wag platy who came with my other tank - I don't plan on keeping them. I have a 10gallon that is growing some mosses and such right now in preperation of hosting shrimp! I always wanted a shrimp tank so now I'm working on getting it JUST right so I can stock it in April when I move. Our new tank is....a 72gallon bowfront! Huge leap Smile It was on craigslist as a 46gallon for $45, I talked them down to $40 (even though $45 was insanely cheap) and it turned out to be a 72gallon! $40 wasn't too bad for a 72gallon with filter, heater, glass tops, light, and stand. Now to figure out what to stock it with......Fern's helping with those plans and has me looking between angels and discus. I will of course be asking a lot about these dudes before we make the leap and I have to get the tank set up, planted and lookin gorgeous on its own first!

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    Re: hey from Oklahoma!

    Post by Fern on Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:07 pm


    Please ask all the questions you need! There are no dumb questions! We already have a few discus and angel keepers so you will find loads of help!

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    Re: hey from Oklahoma!

    Post by FishVixen on Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:58 am

    Welcome! YES GREAT FIND! Angels would love a 72 Gal Bow front. You need to find a really nice big piece of driftwood as a centerpiece.

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    Re: hey from Oklahoma!

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