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    A legacy left in Richmond Va. by Fish Vixen.


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    A legacy left in Richmond Va. by Fish Vixen.

    Post by williemcd on Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:11 pm

    Sorry for this long story but ..

    3 years ago or so, I got back into the hobby after a 3 decade hiatus. One of my first contacts was a local (Richmond, Va.) who is now a resident of your area. FishVixen. One of my deals with her was the acquisition of some Platinum Blue Pearl-Scale Angels... One I named Sparkie. Sparkie and a Koi/Marble male (Spike) hooked up and produced 1,000's for fry over the next few years until they passed on. Sparkie is my avatar on here.

    Well, I had lost that strain of PBPS and it remained a fond memory.....until Jan 1 a few days ago.
    Having lost a tank of Discus (6) that I had been growing for over a year from dime-nickel size, due to a circuit overload while out of town for the holidays, I posted my catastrophe on a FB club I run in the Va. area.

    One of my members turned me onto a guy getting out of Discus after 20 years or so... and I picked up the remaining 8 he had... plus he was going to throw in two breeding pairs of PBPS's.
    After talking with him on the phone, arranging to meet 1/2 way for the exchange, we got to talking about the source of the Angels... They came from FishVixens original breeders that I got mine from!....
    So...Vix's legacy lives on.


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    Re: A legacy left in Richmond Va. by Fish Vixen.

    Post by Fern on Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:19 pm

    Its amazing how that works out sometimes! I have traced my fish through a few states before, it is funny how life works!


    I think I need a bigger tank........ bounce

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